Neighborhood Bike Works

We are delighted to hear from you.  We had just begun a movement to do what you are suggesting or something similar, and we would be thrilled to avoid reinventing a wheel that you have so finely trued.  Please join our meeting on Tues. at 7:30 (you are welcome to come earlier) at my house,  in Wayne (directions attached) and help us make a great leap forward in our work.
This came out of the SRT incident and a speech that I heard reminding me of the need to do good work.  I thought that in addition to the preventive actions being taken, we should think about what we can do to break down the barriers that contribute to the hostility.  Others were quick to jump in, and of course your model was cited.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Best regards,
Barbara Rosenberg
> Thank you for contacting me, right now, I am a bit upside down with
> the planning of what I am doing, but I intend to be wrapping up the
> bulk of my security project by the end of June. I have a group of
> folks who are interested in performing community outreach in this
> area, and while I do not think it will help us with some of the bad
> seeds, I also realize that not all of the seeds in the area are
> actually bad. I am willing to help, I had a thought about this one
> building on the SRT right in the area where the focus happens to
> be.. I am guessing you have ridden the trail and are aware of that
> section between Haws Ave and the Markley Street over pass, but there
> used to be a cafe there called the outbound cafe…
> MAYBE the guy who owns the property would be receptive to hosting
> such a venture.. God knows, something needs to be done to make the
> area desirable for people to WANT to hang out, not just hang out
> because they HAVE to…
> I will be carboning some of the folks who have been actively
> expressing an interest in making community outreach a reality.
> So allow me to introduce Barbara Rosenberg, Steven Trobovic, and Tom
> Madle… I will be willing to help personally, but not till I get
> the latest project off of the plate.. 😉
> Steve Scheetz


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