Norristown Recreation Department

The contact at Norristown’s Recreation Department is Bill Plichta,, 610-270-0467. He is your first line of contact for setting up any recreational program within the borough. He collaborates with Brett Wells over at the PAL center and is the central point of coordination for any effort. Bill ran the Parks & Recreation Department for me when I worked for the borough and is a great guy for this job.

The NPD confiscates bikes throughout the year and auctions them off in October. They make a few dollars, but not much. Maybe those bikes could be donated to a youth cycling program?

As I have some extensive relationships within the borough and once had the Parks and Recreation Department under my supervisions, I would be happy to make some contacts to start the process. I gained much respect for Bill when he worked for me and would enjoy the opportunity to work with Bill him again.

Wayne Gregory


One Response to “Norristown Recreation Department”

  1. Lisa Graves Says:

    Thanks very much for this Wayne. I left a voicemail and sent an email to Bill.

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