Flower Garden Rest Stop in Norristown?!

Below is from Tom To Atlee- as in Burpee.  Atlee did respond that his family no longer owns the company but he did give Tom contact info of the new owners.  I love this idea!

Hey Atlee,  I just had an idea that I wanted to bounce off of you.
There’s an effort to clean-up that area along the SRT in Norristown where the female cyclist was attacked. Could we turn that area into a beautiful flower garden and make it the most scenic area along the trail? I’m thinking of a scenic floral rest stop at that location with benches and beautiful flowers. We could call it the “Burpee Bike Garden”. There’s a group of COS cyclists involved in an initiative to obtain bikes for disadvantaged Norristown Youth. Our plan is to teach the kids cycling skills and then take them out for rides with us.The  “Burpee Bike Garden”  could be a potential meeting place for the rides. I  think it would also be great publicity for the Burpee Seed Company. We have a woman who plans to get media attention for this community outreach and I’d  like to integrate the “Burpee Bike Garden” into the overall program if this seems like something you’d like to take on and support.  Since you’re also a cyclist I thought this might appeal to you. I also know you’re a very busy guy and no offense taken if you decide to decline.


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