NYBC First Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Show

Wow guys, the ideas are flowing!  Please read the below from Norman Lazarus.

There are several things that have to be done to make this event successful and I have tried to put them together in a list with the order we would need to address them. Please note that all dates, dollar amounts and organization names are hypothetical at this time.

  1. We need a name for the organization.
  2. A mission statement has to be created. – Something short, a maximum of four sentences.
  3. A date has to be set, the further out the better to line up sponsors and permission. I recommend a date in September to allow for this and cooler weather; otherwise the heat from the black top will be very uncomfortable.
  4. We will need to get permission from Montgomery County, Norristown, and the owners of the parking lots. We may need permits and will have to determine what we need to about crowd control, trash, and Porto johns.
  5. Once the above items have been dealt with we would start asking for raffle and food donations using our volunteer database as well as using community contacts to help with local merchants.
  6. Promote the event – This may include announcements on cycling club websites, signs on the trail, and having local community contacts

 This is just the planning stages that we have to go through this does not include the work to make everything operational the day of the event. If it is delegated effectively and we make sure that there are more Indians and limited number of chiefs we should be able to make this work.

 I have 20 years in corporate meeting and event planning and I can tell you that normally these types of events the planning is started 6 to 12 months in advance. I have tried to keep the ideas for the event simple and modular so the loss of one element will not affect the event as a whole. There is a wealth of options that could be done at this event and for the first year we would need to keep this basic given the time frame we have to work with, the resources available, and the need to see what will work.

 I know people will have ideas and questions so please  e-mail me at normanlazarus@yahoo.com and I will put them answer them collectively so they can be put up as a single post on the blog.


Norristown Youth Bicycle Club

First Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Show

Sunday September 20, 2009

10:00am to 2:00pm

Citizens Bank Parking Lot


Come one, come all this is an invitation to artists young and old, big and small. To the First Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival produced by the Norristown Youth Bicycle Club. With the help of children from the Norristown community and local artists we will be transforming the parking lots located near Citizen’s Bank into a temporary art gallery with sidewalk chalk. Our primary fundraising method will be through high value raffle items donated by area bike shops and local merchants with additional finds raised from the sales of prepackaged drinks and snacks, donations to view the chalk art gallery, valet bike parking, and a bike “Jiffy Lube” location.


All businesses that make a $25 donation in products will be listed on our sponsorship signs and any donation of $50 or more will be able to set up a booth in our trade show area. This is an opportunity to the hundreds of cyclists who ride the trail every hour and local residents, no direct sales can be made at the event.


This event will help us raise funds to help us operate our; “build a bike” program where local children take a 14 hour class to learn how to build and do basic repairs on a bicycle. Every student who graduates from this class receives a bicycle and can continue to take advanced bicycle mechanic classes. Funds raised from this class also help us raise funds towards the purchase of bicycle parts, group rides, and other operating costs.


One Response to “NYBC First Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Show”

  1. drawforjoy Says:

    I hope your art show will be a success and I also make an illustration about
    sidewalk chalk art on my page.

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