Lead for NBW Location from Tom Madle. Need assistance to get contact info.

To All,

I read Norman’s   comments about organizational stuff ( usually takes 6months to 1 yr. for good plan, etc.). My own personal feeling is that we should focus the rest of the cycling season on putting together a good plan  and checking out leads to make this all happen. Regarding leads…….

Regarding a “lead” for affordable space for a Norristown NBW… I noticed that right next to the old ( now defunct) Breakaway Cafe is a newly renovated church. You can’t see the church from the trail but if you walk behind the Breakaway Cafe the front of the church is on that street behind the Breakaway Cafe. The name of the Pastor and tel.# is posted out in front of the church. Church’s love to rent out space at affordable prices to community groups during “off hours” . Can someone who lives  in the Norristown area drive by this church and get the tel.# and name of the pastor . To get to the church just come down Haws Ave.and make a left before the tunnel leading to river park. This will get you to the back of the old Breakaway Cafe. You will see the church next to the Cafe. If we can contact the pastor and he has a positive attitude toward what we’re trying to do we’ll request a walk through of the church with Leland to see if it might be suitable.

We should also check out the PAL building as John Moser suggested. We might be able to do this at the same time. My  feeling is that a location  on the trail for NBW would be preferred although PAL would lend allot of organizational support too.

Thanks everyone!


2 Responses to “Lead for NBW Location from Tom Madle. Need assistance to get contact info.”

  1. Norman Lazarus Says:

    I have to agree with Tom. Before we even think about a public fund raising event we need to come up with a plan and space first. To raise funds to get us going we should have one or two people talk to the people at NBW who handle grant writing to learn how its done and concentrate on getting grants during the fall and winter. With the chalk art festival scheduled for April/May 2010.

    I’ll be riding the trail tomorrow so I’ll get the contact information for the church. I would really love to have a location that is close to the trail.

  2. Barbara Rosenberg Says:

    I am so thrilled to see the progress we are making and the awesome resources (people) who are participating.
    One tiny fund-raising idea: could we bring the excess BCP items like lights and cue sheet holders to Mon. night rides and ask for a donation (suggest $5 @) for each item, as the riders really need to have these?

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