NBW budget

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get this out we’ve (mostly exec. director Andy Dyson) been busy getting ready for summer camp & end of fiscal year things.


  Earn a Bike Expenses Equipment                
  Andy Dyson, Executive Director                
  (215) 386-0316 / (215) 873-6695                
  New name for Account Off site EaB class              
Payroll Expenses:                  
  Salary: Instuctor  $           1,200.00              
  Salary: Program Coordinator  $              400.00              
  Payroll Taxes Expense & Processing  $              400.00              
  Benefits: Health insurance  $              300.00              
Other program expenses:                
  Shop-Tools  $           1,000.00              
  Program Supplies  $              400.00              
  Insurance: Liability  $              200.00              
  Purchases Parts & acces  $              200.00              
  Staff Development  $              200.00              
  Awards: Youth Assistants  $              150.00              
  Awards to youth  $              100.00              
  Graduation Party Expenses  $                60.00              
  Photocopying  $                50.00              
  Postage  $                50.00              
  Telephone: Cell  $                50.00              
  Background Checks  $                40.00              
     $           4,800.00              
  Overhead 15%  $              720.00              
  TOTAL per class  $           5,520.00              

  Andy Dyson, Executive Director                
  (215) 386-0316 / (215) 873-6695                
* All participants would need to have waivers signed by parents/guardians              
* NBW will supply all bikes and used parts–included in above costs.              
* NBW will supply new parts, helmets and locks at costs listed above              
* If host agency does not want NBW to provide helmets, each youth must still receive a helmet          
Furniture etc that we need to acquire, through in-kind donations:              
* Lumber to make benches if benches or tables are not available                
* Work Benches                
* Shelving                
* Storage boxes, milk crates                
* Filing Cabinets or other secure lockable storage for tools and parts              
* Blackboard or dry erase board                
* Refrigerator for snacks                
* Fire Extinguishers                
Earn a Bike usually needs:                 
* a dedicated space for storage where bikes (50-100% more than one bike per youth) and tools will be secure        
* Workspace in which it is OK to use grease and oil–NBW can provide cardboard mats or carpet if needed        
* Clean up facilities for students-utility sink is better than bathroom sinks              
* If possible, earn a Bike should be only thing going on in a room–bike class is too distracting for other youth        
* This is for 10-15 youth, we can handle more if there are volunteers/staff provided by host agency          
* NBW will occasionally need access to classroom space before and after class for set up          
* Ideally, there will be a playground or other traffic-free outdoor space for bike safety lessons very nearby        

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