In Kind Donation List

Hi All,
One other item that we spoke about, was the need for tools, bikes and miscellaneous items.  That donations of these could help offset costs. Leland kindly updated the NBW “In kind donations” list from their website, specifying needs for Norristown.  I’ve attached that list.  In particular. the first four items on the list were added or modified from the original list for our project. Notice also that the list also contains what not to donate.
I recall that we would put the “call” out to the cycling community for this stuff after the fund drive was underway or completed.  And of course after we had a schedule or means for drop off.  So I believe that this comes next after the bike club list serve email goes out. But here it is for everyone’s reference. 
One possibility for collection:  If we advertise to the bike community the fundraiser of the “drinks along the SRT” for some Saturday, and let them know that this would be the first opportunity to drop off items, might this work if someone had a van to take the stuff the 1 mile at the end of the day?
Thanks again Leland!

Draft List for the Norristown site

In-kind Donation Guidelines

Things we’d especially like for a new location include:

  • Lumber for building work benches
  • Containers for storing tools & parts. old file cabinets are great.
  • Tools,
  • Spare parts, brake shoes, cables, innertubes, tires, etc.
  • Grease and rags! Things get used up pretty quickly, and we always need more.
  • BMX (”trick”) style bikes. These are the most popular with our students.
  • Mountain bikes, road bikes, and cruisers of all sizes.
  • Wind trainers, rollers, etc.
  • Cycling clothes, lights, panniers, and other accessories.
  • Office supplies and snacks including: pens, pencils, stamps, copy paper, water, gift certificates to local food stores, and non-perishable foods like dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, etc. We can also always use volunteers and money!
    • Metric wrenches (esp 10 & 15 mm) & Allen keys,
    • Bicycle specific tools, repair stands, chain tools, BB tools, etc.
    • Small & med screwdrivers, straight & Phillips

Things we can’t use:

  • Things which are not actually bicycles: scooters, roller-skates, exercise bikes, wheelchairs, children’s toy tricycles, and so on.
  • Bicycles meant for very young children. Our youngest students are eight; most are in middle school. While we need lots of bikes with 20″ wheels, we can’t use smaller bikes.
  • Very low-end bicycles. If it came from a big box store and cost less than $100, it’s probably more work to maintain than it’s worth. Likewise, if it weighs 50 pounds and has steel wheels and isn’t vintage or otherwise seriously cool, not many people will want to put the effort into bringing it back to life.
  • Very badly damaged bicycles. If you bent, buckled, or broke the frame in an accident, or if you can’t see the frame for the rust, it’s not safe. Sometimes we can salvage parts from these. If you’re donating a bike for salvage, please alert the person accepting your donation

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