We have a home!!

To All   (Norristown Bike Works committee and friends)

On Monday  7/16 Leland Mayne (Bike Works Board President) and I met with Bill Plichta ( Norristown Parks and Recreation  Director) at the 2 possible sites to house the program….We found a home!  Norristown Borough officials (police chief, mayor and council members, according to Bill ) are happily willing to allow NBW to use either area free of charge….one is about 800 sq ft, at the back of the Band shell,  with heat and water…….. the other space is the equivalent of a 6 car garage ( about 1300 sq ft) with no heat or water ……bathrooms are available  in a separate building……the 2 buildings are about 100 yards apart……Both are within the Elmwood Park area….Leland felt a group of 12 to 15 kids could work  out of the smaller space during the school year (when you need heat) and a larger program could be run out of the larger space in the summer…Leland took pictures……

Note we chose not to follow up on the make shift church “in a warehouse” location at the Break-a-way cafe ( Haws ave) location…for multiple good reasons …..

to get your bearings the Elmwood Park is one mile up Haws avenue from the SRT, so there is a low traffic route to get the kids to the trail from the NBT site….alternatively there is also a lengthy trail within a quarter mile of the Elmwood Park called the Norristown Farm Park trail….(which used to be a working farm to grow food for the 4000+ patients that were housed at the Norristown State “Mental” Hospital,  This property was originally owned by William Penn then transferred to Isaac Norris then to the State of Pa, a little history)

Next steps seem to be, not in order…..Leland etc  to set a target opening, a range of dates……secure the counselors, ..purchase tools , secure bikes , secure funding, communicate with  the public, communicate to the potential kids…open for business…celebrate hopefully in about 2 months


George E. Miller


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