The purpose of this blog is to give a means of communicating ideas amongst the group that is forming to provide bikes and cycling experiences to Norristown youth.

First meeting is 6/23 at Barb’s home.  Email LisaA221@yahoo.com if you need directions to her home.

Mission statement to be refined at first meeting on 6/23   for now:  Group of  cyclists whose goal is to provide bikes and age approprite cycling experiences for Norristown Youth.

You can post to this blog by posting comments.  Anyone that wants to also have Author access just let me know. With Author access you can start a category and post blogs to it for all to comment on.  You can also create a Page for more static background info.  I have posted in the various categories the emails that have been flying this week.  Moving forward perhaps they can go as posts/comments so that all will be informed.

Current categoris are the 3 different prongs of engagement that have emerged over this past week of emails:  1) Tom’s Vision-facilitating for Norristown youth to be a part of COS bike group 2)  Bike Donation and Rodeo-  Geared to younger kids (5 to 12) modeled after WCCC. 3)Neighborhood Bike Works.  Awesome program.  Check out their site. We will hopefully have the president of the NBW in attendance on the 23rd.  www.neighborhoodbikeworks.org    

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 23rd.  Super looking forward to working together to get bikes to some kids!


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