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Lead for NBW Location from Tom Madle. Need assistance to get contact info.

July 2, 2009

To All,

I read Norman’s   comments about organizational stuff ( usually takes 6months to 1 yr. for good plan, etc.). My own personal feeling is that we should focus the rest of the cycling season on putting together a good plan  and checking out leads to make this all happen. Regarding leads…….

Regarding a “lead” for affordable space for a Norristown NBW… I noticed that right next to the old ( now defunct) Breakaway Cafe is a newly renovated church. You can’t see the church from the trail but if you walk behind the Breakaway Cafe the front of the church is on that street behind the Breakaway Cafe. The name of the Pastor and tel.# is posted out in front of the church. Church’s love to rent out space at affordable prices to community groups during “off hours” . Can someone who lives  in the Norristown area drive by this church and get the tel.# and name of the pastor . To get to the church just come down Haws Ave.and make a left before the tunnel leading to river park. This will get you to the back of the old Breakaway Cafe. You will see the church next to the Cafe. If we can contact the pastor and he has a positive attitude toward what we’re trying to do we’ll request a walk through of the church with Leland to see if it might be suitable.

We should also check out the PAL building as John Moser suggested. We might be able to do this at the same time. My  feeling is that a location  on the trail for NBW would be preferred although PAL would lend allot of organizational support too.

Thanks everyone!


Permanent Space for Norristown NBW project update

June 26, 2009


This just in from George Miller   Bill Plichta  (Norristown Parks) and I spoke yesterday, 6/25 ..I gave him the idea of needing about 750 sq feet of permanent space for a Bike Works like project…he felt there would be space available either at the Police Athletic League building or possibly at what is called the ‘Band Shell’ in Elmwood park , a well known easy to find building near the PAL building…he will research the possibilities and get back to me Monday the 6/29th…if he scores with a location , I will meet with him and eyeball it myself.

George MIller

Norristown Recreation Department

June 22, 2009

The contact at Norristown’s Recreation Department is Bill Plichta,, 610-270-0467. He is your first line of contact for setting up any recreational program within the borough. He collaborates with Brett Wells over at the PAL center and is the central point of coordination for any effort. Bill ran the Parks & Recreation Department for me when I worked for the borough and is a great guy for this job.

The NPD confiscates bikes throughout the year and auctions them off in October. They make a few dollars, but not much. Maybe those bikes could be donated to a youth cycling program?

As I have some extensive relationships within the borough and once had the Parks and Recreation Department under my supervisions, I would be happy to make some contacts to start the process. I gained much respect for Bill when he worked for me and would enjoy the opportunity to work with Bill him again.

Wayne Gregory

From Prez of Board of Neighborhood Bike Works

June 21, 2009

don’t know for sure but we have probably met at some time or
> >another, I know I’ve read some of your ride reports. I’m president
> >of the board of Neighborhood Bike Works (
> >The recent situation in Norristown has us thinking that we’d like to
> >establish a program there. We already have programs in several
> >Philadelphia locations and have recently opened a location in
> >Chester. Most of our existing program locations are partnerships
> >with other agencies. At present we don’t have the financial
> >resources to open a Norristown location on our own but if we could
> >find a partner or partners with space and some financing we could
> >run earn-a-bike classes. As you seem to taking the lead with this we
> >were wondering whether you had any ideas about possible partner
> >agencies or if you could keep us in mind in your contacts with
> >various Norristown agencies.
> >Please let me know if you need any more information.
> >
> >Thanks
> >–
> > Leland Mayne, LCI #831 President
> > Neighborhood Bike Works
> >215-386-0316 NBW 3916 Locust Walk
> >
> >

PAL as resource

June 21, 2009

Hello Tom,

I will be away for this meeting.  But wanted to offer this as another place to provide cycling skills to kids in Norristown.  

The Police Athletic League has a building on Harding Blvd just a few blocks off of Markley St in Norristown.  I would guess that making contact with someone from PAL to try to schedule a cycling clinic might be a good place to start.  The PAL building is not far from an entrance to the Norristown farm park which would be a good place to take new cyclist to teach them riding skills.   Just a suggestion.

John W Moser


June 21, 2009

John Moser suggested working through PAL (the Police Atheletic League) which is located near Norristown Farm Park. That would be our potential “umbrella” agency. We could teach the Norristown youth cycling skills at the Farm Park. Could PAL do background checks on the volunteers as well as the youth? That is a safety aspect that must be considered.

UPenn recovers 1000 abandoned bikes annually

June 21, 2009

Hi Tom,
I thought the following may be of some interest to you in you Outreach initiative:
A few months ago I was reading an article in the Mainline Times about a group of students at the Haverford school who won an award of some kind for building a human-powered generator made using an old bicycle and other “recycled” components. One very interesting note in the story was that the students did some research on sources for used bicycles and found that UPenn recovers approximately 1,000 abandoned bicycles every year. The article did not give any further details, but I found this number to be incredible. Even if it’s off by a factor of 5 its still a large number of used bikes they have to dispose of each year. Not to mention that UPenn is only one of about 40 Universities and colleges in the Philadelphia area.
I hope this information is of some help.
Best Regards,

Bruce Richards

Norristown Parks and Recreation

June 21, 2009

Another group that might be helpful in getting this set up in Norristown  is the Norristown Parks and Recreation folks.

Rodeo Props and Bucks County Parks Rodeo experience

June 21, 2009

Someone’s memory is too good.  Everything is stored on the second floor at the Nature Center at College Settlement Camp.  Of course it is behind all the Century equipment.  Not sure what is still usable as we have not completed a bike safety course since KC was around.
If it is raining tomorrow night, I will stop and see what is still there to use.  There was a book that was the base of what we put on and I will look for that too besides the props.
The last time we put on a course, I had the director of Parks for Bucks County put a flyer out to every kid in the school district around Peace Valley and we only had 25 kids show up. That was just not worth the effort.
Good luck. 

Richard Terry

Confiscated Norristown Bikes for Sale

June 21, 2009

I know the Norristown Police department used to have a sale of stolen bikes (annually, I think) they confiscated during the year.  I don’t know if they still do this, but it might be worth asking them if they would like to donate some of these to introduce kids to biking.
John W Moser