UPenn recovers 1000 abandoned bikes annually

June 21, 2009

Hi Tom,
I thought the following may be of some interest to you in you Outreach initiative:
A few months ago I was reading an article in the Mainline Times about a group of students at the Haverford school who won an award of some kind for building a human-powered generator made using an old bicycle and other “recycled” components. One very interesting note in the story was that the students did some research on sources for used bicycles and found that UPenn recovers approximately 1,000 abandoned bicycles every year. The article did not give any further details, but I found this number to be incredible. Even if it’s off by a factor of 5 its still a large number of used bikes they have to dispose of each year. Not to mention that UPenn is only one of about 40 Universities and colleges in the Philadelphia area.
I hope this information is of some help.
Best Regards,

Bruce Richards


Norristown Parks and Recreation

June 21, 2009

Another group that might be helpful in getting this set up in Norristown  is the Norristown Parks and Recreation folks.

Rodeo Props and Bucks County Parks Rodeo experience

June 21, 2009

Someone’s memory is too good.  Everything is stored on the second floor at the Nature Center at College Settlement Camp.  Of course it is behind all the Century equipment.  Not sure what is still usable as we have not completed a bike safety course since KC was around.
If it is raining tomorrow night, I will stop and see what is still there to use.  There was a book that was the base of what we put on and I will look for that too besides the props.
The last time we put on a course, I had the director of Parks for Bucks County put a flyer out to every kid in the school district around Peace Valley and we only had 25 kids show up. That was just not worth the effort.
Good luck. 

Richard Terry

Confiscated Norristown Bikes for Sale

June 21, 2009

I know the Norristown Police department used to have a sale of stolen bikes (annually, I think) they confiscated during the year.  I don’t know if they still do this, but it might be worth asking them if they would like to donate some of these to introduce kids to biking.
John W Moser

Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 76ers on SRT

June 21, 2009

Do you know Terry Hill, regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes? I know him casually.  I know he has ties with some of the local football, basketball, baseball players in the area. I think if we could get a  76ers basketball player to donate some time we could kick off the cycling program with a 76ers basketball player on a bike riding down the SRT or at Norristown Farm Park.
John W Moser

Harry Warnaar from Liss Global offers donation

June 21, 2009

Hi Tom,
Want to let you know that I think this is a GREAT idea!
As you know I travel a lot so I can’t commit to help you out.
Having said that, I’ll provide some kind of donation for some supplies or whatever………Just let me know.
Harry J. Warnaar
Senior Vice President – International Operations

SCU Rodeo

June 21, 2009

Hello Rich,
I know SCU would occasionally sponsor bicycle clinics for kids to teach them safe riding skills.   I remember there were several props that were used to simulate real hazards such as a car door opening, or riding around parked cars etc.  There was a whole course that kids had to ride through in order to complete the training successfully.   After the clinic, parents could join there kids riding through a residential neighborhood to practice their new skills.   I think Ed Hein organized  the event one year, and maybe Doug Levy did another year.  

Lisa Graves is working with Tom Madle to plan a bicycle clinic, bicycle rodeo, street smarts cycling , (you get the idea) for kids in Norristown.    Do know if SCU still has any of these props in storage and if so, would it be possible to make use of them?      You may reply directly to Lisa.  Thank for your help.

Lisa, here is the SCU link where you can see Rich Terry’s (or as he prefers to be called  ~El Presidente~) smiling face.   Hope you can help us, Rich.


John W Moser


John lives in the Norristown area (across from the Farm Park), is an experienced cyclist and always has good ideas. He also works a full time job and goes to school on the weekends and evening. He’s a real busy guy. He is also “second in command” at COS. He’s the one who really does all the work at COS!    Tom Madle

Breakaway Cafe’, Bikeworks, and various comments

June 21, 2009

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town next week so I won’t be able to attend the meeting, so I’ll put in my 2 cents here.  I would like to volunteer my time towards whatever program takes shape.

 Now my comments:

   Teaching the local youth to ride and getting them out on the trail is great, but one of the limits to the appeal of such a program is the availability of bikes.  

   I take it that the initial thrust will be to obtain donated bikes in working order from COS/SCU/BCP riders.  This is a good start but won’t sustain the program for long.

  Does anyone know if a Neighborhood Bike Works or similar program has been tried in Norristown?  It would seem to be a promising environment for an integrated program like NBW, which involves training in riding and mechanics, then allows kids to earn a bike by fixing it up and learning to ride safely (http://www.neighborhoodbikeworks.org/about/index.html).  Along with volunteer time, such a program would require some facilities for storing and working on bikes.  Someone at the Norristown meeting mentioned interest from the Norristown director of recreation.  Perhaps he can help?   Another (short term) option might be to see if the owner of the former “Breakaway Cafe” building (Bike Path Professional Building) is willing to lend it out while he looks for a tennant, as the building is empty now.

* I like the idea of getting the teens out for ride from COS, but that may not be appropriate for younger riders.  Have you thought about what to do with them?

 Thanks for volunteering to lead this!  Please let me know how I can help.

 Mike Lonetto

GSK and Team Inspire. Also Big Brothers/Big Sisters

June 21, 2009

my colleague and I represent the External Relations Committee on behalf of GSK and last week we met with Renay from Big Brothers/Big Sisters to discuss how GSK employees can get involved with their organization. They are in desparate need of male volunteers!

I think it is a great initiative that you are taking on with the cycling outreach program and wasn’t sure if perhaps the two groups could feed off one another somehow. Just thought I would pass on her information if you wanted to contact her.

J. Renay Loper
Partnership Development Specialist
Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania
835 Springdale Drive
Exton, PA 19341
(P) 484.653.1468 (F) 484.653.1469

I will not be able to make it to the meeting on Tuesday, but please let me know how I can help either as a cyclist and/or from GSK and how we may be able to get the GSK cycling team (Team Inspire) involved in the program.
Thanks and talk to you soon!

Michelle Leonard

Police Athletic League as potential Rodeo sponsor

June 21, 2009
I will be away for this meeting.  But wanted to offer this as another place to provide cycling skills to kids in Norristown.  
The Police Athletic League has a building on Harding Blvd just a few blocks off of Markley St in Norristown.  I would guess that making contact with someone from PAL to try to schedule a cycling clinic might be a good place to start.  The PAL building is not far from an entrance to the Norristown farm park which would be a good place to take new cyclist to teach them riding skills.   Just a suggestion.
John W Moser