WCCC Bike Donation and Rodeo

NOte:  This page is still under construction.  It is my notes from conversations with Ellen and Frank from WCCC about their program. Posting it to get it up here.  Will refine as time allows!

Much thanks to Ellen, Frank , Viktor and Michelle for all that they did in organizing and executing the 3 very successful West Chester Cycling Club Bike Donation and Rodeos.  More thanks for sharing all that they learned with us to give us a running start with setting up our own program.  Below are my notes from conversations with Ellen and Frank. Still in rough form. I will clean up but for now just want to get it posted:

Special community events committee of WCCC worked on WC Criterium. After Crit they held a bike rodeo for kids. Kids who showed up without a helmet were given one.  These were donted by WC area doctors. This grew into gathering used bikes for kids and holding a rodeo for them. First one was May ’07

This year helmets  bought through J and B   Helmets about $5.00 Hot Foot made the connection

 Bike Donation:

Ask that the bikes be in good shape

Don’t want road bikes for little kids

Little bikes with training wheels

Cruiser bikes

For 7, 8 ,9, 10 year olds   Mt bikes   sturdy    will fit a wider range of kids.

 To get bikes donated:

Sent out to club and asked for used bikes. Ask that people that give bikes put them in good shape. Ellen and Frank stressed this!

Also asked bike shops asked for donations. Got a lot of junk. Trade ins.

Also, police in WC.  had bikes in impound garage.  But this was a bit of disaster. because of condition of bikes.

Issues with used bikes –   be clear that you only want good condition

Bike Line was worst offender

Want bikes in pretty condition –  maybe need new chain, seat

 Need storage area

Need people to pick up donations

 First year had no idea of how many would show up

2nd year had 43 bikes  Only 22 kids showed up. Ended up donating left overs to YMCA program.

3rd year All brand new bikes from Fuji. Fuji gave great deal. 15% below wholesale and then for every one purchased, they matched with one.  Frank pretty much assembled all 43 bikes!

Must insist that a parent accompanies each child.  Must sign the realease that bike is being given. 

 The Rodeo

5 to 12  age group

Ideal to do outside but have indoor backup ready. All three years they held in a gym.

Rodeo in May 09   43 kids    had 10 to 12 volunteers

WC Bike patrol cops gave safety lesson.  They rode the course

Need people to:

Give bikes

Give helmets and fitting helmets

Mechanics on hand to adjust bikes

Running stations at rodeo

 Some kids bring their own bikes for rodeo.  Mechanics give a safety check

 Ellen has safety check list   for bikes  brakes, handlebars  sharp ends

 Rodeo stations for bike handling:

1)  Start and finish line   not how fast   how slow  better handling

2) Bunch of sponges   ride around objects  without hitting

3)Draw a chalk or tape line in an area and make a big S turn and kids have to follow

 Partner Organization

Year 1:Melton Center

Year 2-Police Athletic League and WC area  YMCA

Year 3-St Agnes Church  Outreach     


 Where did they collect bikes?

Various peoples homes

 Things that went wrong in 09

Partnered with st agnes- great partnership.

They serve a very large population

Application was distributed to familys

Name  address etc  Also height and gender

Provide Paper Tape Measures


Send info to parents

They thought they came to get bikes and leave

Let them know that safety and rodeo are imperative

Give a wawa gift cert at end to make them stay

Have safety brochures that are kid friendly


40 kids and 20 volunteers   Was not enough

Have an orientation for volunteers especially for the parents.


Two kids race- slowest one wins.

Pace the sequence


Volunteers wore signs


Kids registered

Went to get their bikes

Bike distributors had info on kids and bikes- asked to write down which kid got which bike.  Gave list to police so that police would have list with registration #


Designate which bike goes to each kid in advance.

Have a tag on the bike with the kids name.

Make sure the volunteers know to do this.  Each volunteer has a list

 Fit Bikes  Station

 Fit helmets  Station    lots of resources on web

 Safety Station     stops signs,

 Go through the course

 With a big group – stagger the kids  1:00 and 1:30

 The Course:

Need only about 6 volunteers maybe 4

 Snail Race

Figure 8  with tape

Rock Dodge   maneuver through sponges

Demon Driveway   people jump out  holding car sign  to stop short.

 Had pretzels kool aid

 Nobody volunteers until the end

Group we are pairing with provides volunteers

Scope space in advance.  Lay out flow on paper  registration  stations

Took about an hour to set up

Older kids made signs for stations was done by older kids-  through center.  Involves older kids

 Google   Bike rodeo  for lots of resources

 Kids are not alone with an adult  so not an issue about background check

 Liability waiver   wccc  didn’t do


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